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It is available in MS , stainless steel wire , hot dipped galvanized & PVC coated . it is one the most widely wire meshes . Welded wire mesh is rigid and strong because every intersecting joint of two wires is resistance welded. Flat panels have many uses as unraveling of wires and wracking of panels are nonexistent. Flat panels of welded wire mesh can be made with square or slotted openings.
Wire: 1mm to 8 m
Opening: ?" 10 8"
Width: 2' TO 8'

Some uses of welded wire mesh panels are reinforcement for plaster or concrete - zoo animal cages ,cattle confinement fence-wall , ceiling and floor module display systems, stairway and boat   filler panels for decoration and safety and overhead conveyor guards. On highways welded mesh is used on both the sides for protection.

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