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Also known   as nylon netting, it is a synthetic fabric, meaning that it is a plastic- based . It is an open wave, net-like construction. It is thin material and can be found in rolls and spools. It is resistant to wear but not indestructible. It can be cut and flexes effortlessly. It is available in variety of couloirs and sizes. The net pattern is typically tight like a mosquito net and can be as  large  as the netting used for soccer goals.
We deal in a comprehensive range of nylon mesh nets, manufactured using finest quality virgin polymer HDPE that is widely acknowledged for its chemicsl inertness to most of the acids, alkalis and other solvents. These nets are of assured quality, durability and added strength.

Mesh sizes vary from 4 to 400 mesh/liner inch in a width of 42",48",&52". 4 mesh to 60 mesh available in 30 mts. Rolls and above. Aabove 60 mesh is delivered according to client requirement.

Nylon mesh is used for many purposes including sieving in chemical and Parma industry, it is used as fabric for net bags and laundry bags . It is also used in sports equipment like fishing nets and shoes. Crafters often use nylon mesh to make bows and clothing

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