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GABION MESH WALLS (gabion dam barrier)
In civil engineering a gabion wall is a retaining wall made of rectangular containers (baskets) fabricated of thick galvanized wire, which are filled with stone and stacked one on another, usually in tiers that step back with the slope rather than vertically.

Gabion baskets have some advantages over loose riprap because of their modularity and ability to be stacked in various shapes; they are also resistant to being washed away by moving water. Gabions also have advantages over more rigid structures because they can conform to ground movement, dissipate energy from flowing water, and drain freely. Their strength and effectiveness may increase with time in some cases, as a slit and vegetation fill the interstitial voids and reinforce the structure.

Gabion mesh is made from hexagonal wire netting. The wire diameter varies from 2.0 mm to 4.0mm. the wire of the outside frame edge is 1mm thicker than the hexagonal wire netting.

Uses: Hydraulic and geo-technical control such as retaining walls, river bank protection, channel lining, etc .

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