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CHAIN LINK ISA TYPE OF WOVEN FENCING MADE FROM GALVANIZED OR STAINLESS STEEL WIRE . THE WIRE RUN VERTICALLY AND ARE BENT INTO A ZIGZAG PATTERN SO THAT EACH "zig" hooks with the wire immediately on one side and each "zag" with the wire immediately on the other forming the characteristic diamond pattern. Wires are automatically twisted and linked together to form a roll and the ends are knuckled to make it firm .

These can also be given with PVC coating ( in various colours ) depending upon your requirements .
PVC coating wire is a coating on galvanized wire and is available in two sizes only.
1) Inner wire 2mm + 1mm coating over all 3mm
2) Inner wire in 3mm + 1mm coating over all 4mm .

The popularity of chain link is due to its relatively low cast and ease of instailation . An additional advantage is that due to the open wave, chain link fence are transparent and do not obscure sunlight from either side of fence.

? & 1 " in wire dia of 16 swg (1.5 mm) is used for poultry. 1 ?", 2", 2 ? ,3", 4" sizes are available in wire dia of 2.5 mm ,3mm & 4mm i.e ., gauge 12, 10 & 8.
Uses: It is extensively used for fencing of open land , landscaping , garden , transformer , partitioning etc.

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