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CABLE TRAY ( ladder type, FRP cable tray, Perforated bolted cable tray)
Cable trays are fabricated from high quality hot dip galvanized sheets which make them anticorrosive. These cable trays are integrated with cable support systems that can withstand dynamic load and are also provided with suitable coupler clamps, brackets& fasteners for proper & efficient installation.

Ladder type cable tray: We offer high strength ladder type cable trays that are perfect for heavy duty power distribution in industries. These are available in painted sheets, galvanized sheets, hot dip galvanized & Powder coated sheets.

Perforated cable tray: we offer the most extensive range of perforated type cable tray, which are used for the installation of cables. These trays can accommodate large number of branch lines & have high load bearing capacity. Perforated cable trays can be hung using a center rod support c-hanger or two trapezes configuration & can also be mounted on wall using brackets .for future security these cable trays are also available with covers as we can also customize the products depending upon the specific requirements. Usually cable trays are made up of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or glass fiber reinforced plastic. Accessories (like nuts, bolts, etc.,) are also supplied along with cable trays.

These are custom made as per the requirement and application.
Uses:They find their application for cable holding in all industries & commercial and residential complexes. Ladder & ventilated trays may have solid covers to protect cables from falling objects, Dust and water Tray cavers used outdoors or very dusty locations may have a peaked shape to shed snow ice or dust.

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