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Brick reinforcement is made from expanded steel mesh with continuity of steel throughout. Brick mesh once mortared into brick work, or block work the diamond shaped meshes get anchored immovable, so that the reinforcement cannot slip under tension.

Expanded metal reinforcement is easy to handle and when laid embedded in the mortar joining between brick work or block work forms an integral structure of greate strength which assists in the resistance, vibrations and thermal changes.

Width                  : 100mm,150mm,178mm&200mm
Length                 : 50 meters

Brick reinforcement mesh has numerous applications in all types of building where extra strength and stability is required, as in footings and parapets etc, or at localized stress areas. It is used as reinforcement for block or brick work to reduce cracking from vibrations, stress or settlement and also can be used to cover trenches of electrical or telephone cables and around water and gas pipes.

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